Vinarstvo Andlovic

trta, grozd belega vina

White wines of Vinarstvo Andlovic: Pinela, Sauvignon, Rumeni muškat

White wines are produced from green, golden and yellow grape varieties. Sauvignon, Riesling, Chardonnay and Muscatel are the most common varieties among white wines in Slovenia and around the world. Depending on its conditions of growth, a same type of vine can bear grapes of different quality, which is why the features of wine differ form region to region. Sparkling wines can also be made from white grape varieties.

In Slovenia white wines are more popular than red wines. White wine prodduction cinsits 63 % of all wine production.

Vinarstvo Andlovic is the biggest producer of the Pinela wine, which is an indigenous Slovenian variety from the Vipava valley.